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Solid construction

- Concrete base frame, to make sure the water can evaporate.
- Floor construction made from 2x4 joists, waterproof membrane, insulated with 50mm styrofoam, 18mm OSB boards.
- Walls construction made with 2x4 joists, 50mm styrofoam insulation, fireproof plasterboards
- Ceiling construction made with 2x6 joists, 50mm styrofoam insulation, fireproof plasterboards, OSB Boards and EPDM damp proof Membrane

Fast build

Project implementation is fast to meet customer demands
Our garden buildings are built within 2 weeks (12 working days)!

High quality

-Buildings are fully plastered and painted in white emulsion paint
-Switches/ sockets/ spotlights are chrome finished - it's your choice where they will be placed
- External walls covered with Pine wood cladding - painted in your desired colour!
- 12mm laminate flooring included - a choice between brown and grey flooring
- plastic skirtings matched to the colour of the floor.
- Separate fuse box connected to the main electricity supply in the house - NICEIC certificate included
- UPVC Double Glazed doors - Grey outside white inside. 1.5m double door up to 15m2, 1.5m double door with two 75cm side panels (3m total) over 15m2
- Styrofoam insulation - self-extinguishing insulation material

Low costs

We give you high quality buildings at an affordable price!

Without permission

Most councils do not require permission if:
- They are 2.5m high from the existing ground level
- not taking more than 50% of the original land
- building floor area is maximum 15m2 if built within 1m of boundary
- building floor area is between 1 and 30m2 if garden building is at least 1m away from boundary

Dimensions on request

Our buildings are custom built on site, we can build any size or shape!

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